Sterling Reserve B7 – B7 Whisky Price, History, Alcohol Percentage


Sterling Reserve is a premium blended Indian whisky from Allied Blenders and Distilleries (ABD), the same company that makes Officer’s Choice whisky.

Sterling Reserve is a combination of Scotch malts and Indian grain spirits available in two flavors: Blend 7 and Blend 1st0. It competes in the Indian market with renowned brands like Seagram’s Imperial Blue and United Spirits’ McDowell’s No. 1.

History is a fascinating subject

For many years, Allied Blenders and Distilleries had only one whisky brand, Officer’s Choice, and relied on its massive popularity throughout the country. It was a popular choice among Indian whisky drinkers due to its low price and usage of grain-based neutral spirits rather than molasses-based neutral spirits.

ABD’s intention to broaden out and establish competitive whisky brands in the premium whisky category was symbolized by the debut of Sterling Reserve’s two new blends last year.

The Making of

Like many blended Indian whiskey brands, Sterling Reserve Blend 7 is a blend of imported Scotch malts from various cask origins and Indian grain spirits. While the Sterling Reserve brand is still relatively new in India, there isn’t much information on the official corporate website.

Proportion of alcohol consumption

The Sterling Reserve Blend 7 has a 42. Inventive+ phrasing.8% ABV, which is the same as all regular whisky brands in India.

Prizes are given forth

Although the brand did surpass the 1 million case mark within 9 months of debuting the new product, the Sterling Reserve Blend 7 has not received any national or international spirits competition prizes.

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