Producers of high quality neutral alcohol and DDGS


AlcoNCP is a leading producer of various grades of high-quality neutral alcohol as well asDDGS, DDGS, DDGS, DDGS feed for the beverage, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, as well aslivestock feed markets in South Africa and internationally.

Our product line comprises a variety of neutral ethanol products and Distillers Dried Grains with Solubles (DDGS), a protein-rich livestock feed made from sustainable locally grown maize.

How are we going to make our product?

We are a production companyethanol and DDGS derived from maize. The maize is crushed and mashed with enzymes to convert the starch component of the maize to sugar, which is then fermented to produce a "beer.". The beer is distilled using a succession of sophisticated distillation columns, yielding a 96.4% strength neutral alcohol with high quality. The remaining stillage is processed via evaporation, decantation and drying to produce a high protein animal feed, Protimaize DDGS.

AlcoNCP Refinery

The AlcoNCP Product Line is comprised of a number of different products

Long-term viability

One of the main drives of our industrial activities and business strategies is sustainability. Wherever possible, this entails upgrading and reinventing the manufacturing process.

Our newly commissioned factory was planned and engineered with one of our major priorities in mind: sustainability. Our business procedures are set in the context of internationally recognized and long-term management systems, ensuring that our team achieves the company’s goalseffectively and efficiently through a single system.

Warning: This is a scam

Criminals are sending letters claiming that AlcoNCP’s banking information has changed. This is not the case, and if you have received correspondence in this manner, please contact AlcoNCP or your Customer Services Controller. Please inform all relevant individuals in your organization as soon as possible.

Announcement of Job Openings

AlcoNCP only posts job openings on our website’s official AlcoNCP Career Portal. In this case, any job alerts, job posters, or adverts on other websites, social networking sites, or other communication platforms are fake news and should be ignored.


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