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Never combine alcohol and hot tubs

It’s all the fashion to have a hot tub party.  After a long day at work, everyone wants to unwind in a peaceful heated pool with their friends.  Sadly, most individuals are unaware of the risks of mixing alcohol and hot tubs, and therefore include alcohol in their party beverages.    Continue reading to learn why you should never drink and soak in a hot tub at the same time.


Consuming alcohol and bathing in a hot tub both dehydrate your body.  If you combine the two, you’ll swiftly dehydrate to the point of death.   You’ll feel like you’ve had a bad hangover, yet you’ll keep drinking.

Feeling dizzy

Hot tubs can drop blood pressure, and if you’ve had a few drinks, the combination of the two can lead you to stumble, have delayed reaction times, and perhaps fall into the hot tub.

The state of being unconcerned

Hot tubs are quite pleasant, and they can help you relax, feel at ease, and even fall asleep.  Alcohol relaxes the body as well as the mind.  If you combine the two, you risk passing out while soaking, slipping beneath the water, and drowning.  Drinking also impairs your capacity to pay attention to your body, making this more likely to happen.

Exhaustion due to the heat

Hot tubs and alcohol both dilate your blood vessels and raise your body temperature.  This can lead to coma, stroke, or heart attack if consumed in large amounts.  If you start to feel dizzy, queasy, sweating, disoriented, or other symptoms, drink water right away.  You may need to be admitted to the hospital if the problem grows too severe.


Alcohol lowers your inhibitions, which can lead to you doing strange things.  On the internet, there are thousands, if not millions, of intoxicated recordings of people doing dangerous things when inebriated.  While this might be entertaining or amusing, when reckless behavior is combined with water, dangerous things can occur.  Alcohol and hot tubbing have been responsible for a number of unintentional deaths.  Consider the other people you’re bathing with if you think you’re doing OK.  If you are responsible for children, you may lose your capacity to focus on them, and they may suffer as a result of your carelessness.

shattered glass

Glass shatters when it becomes too heated.  A cold beer can shatter and flood your hot tub with tiny pieces of broken glass if you put it into the tub.  Only by draining the tub completely, properly wiping up the pieces, and then refilling the tub can shattered glass be cleaned.


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