Does Alcohol Cause Vertigo and Dizziness? | Dr. Kim Bell, DPT


When people lose their spouse or experience some kind of catastrophe in their lives, one thing I frequently find, especially in older adults, is that they may turn to alcohol for relief from the sentiments they are experiencing..

Alcohol consumption can cause dizziness, vertigo, balance issues, and falls in a variety of ways.

Alcohol and medication very substantially interact with each other.

For many people, this combination of medication and alcohol might produce dizziness, vertigo, and balance issues.

People sometimes come to me thinking they have a balance problem when, in fact, they have an alcohol drinking problem. This is an issue that may need to be addressed in order to alleviate dizziness, vertigo, or balance impairment caused by alcohol-induced vertigo.

Even if you aren’t taking any drugs, alcohol can have a significant impact on dizziness and vertigo.

Because alcohol is such a potent dehydrator, it is also a wonderful technique to artificially induce vertigo in oneself when you have a hangover. If you don’t generally have vertigo, alcohol can produce it or give you an artificial feeling of it.

Overall, I would advise you to consider whether your balance concerns or dizziness are related to your alcohol intake.

If you already have a vestibular problem, consuming alcohol may exacerbate your symptoms and put you at danger of falling.

If you’re having dizziness, vertigo, or balance issues and don’t think it’s because of alcohol, you should contact a vestibular expert to determine the root cause(s) of your dizziness or vertigo

Falling due to dizziness or vertigo can result in serious harm and have a significant influence on your life.

Alcohol use must be addressed because it can induce dizziness, vertigo, balance issues, and falls. If this is something that bothers you, it’s advisable to cut back on your alcohol use, which will lessen the impact dizziness and vertigo may have on your life now and in the future.

It’s also a good idea to explore for alternative healthy coping mechanisms to lessen your life stress without drinking, such as joining a support group or seeking individual counseling.

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