Can You Drink Alcohol After Wisdom Teeth Removal?


Wisdom tooth extraction is rarely a pleasurable experience, but it is unfortunately essential. Patients frequently question our New Jersey dental experts if they can consume alcohol after their wisdom teeth have been removed. As a result, we’ve written a blog about which beverages you should avoid and which you shouldn’t be afraid of after having your wisdom teeth removed. Please continue reading and contact our team if you have any questions. Some of the queries you might have are as follows:

Can I consume alcohol after my wisdom teeth have been removed?

Our dental experts recommends abstaining from alcoholic beverages for at least 48 hours after your wisdom teeth have been removed. Your mouth will need to relax and recuperate for the first 24 hours after your wisdom teeth are removed. This may entail allowing blood clots to form and other procedures to guarantee that the bleeding stops. Furthermore, if you were prescribed a painkiller following wisdom tooth removal, drinking alcohol can have dangerous negative effects when combined with these medications, which is why you should avoid alcohol for at least the first 48 hours after the procedure, as well as until you’ve stopped taking your medicines.

What other drinks should I avoid once my wisdom teeth have been extracted?

In most circumstances, it’s better to stay away from acidic liquids for at least a week, such as some sodas or other drinks containing citric acid, which might irritate your mouth’s healing areas. While drinking cold coffee is safe within the first 24 hours following surgery, you should wait at least 48 hours before drinking hot coffee.

What may I drink once my wisdom teeth have been removed?

Thankfully, you can continue to drink a variety of flavorful beverages following wisdom teeth removal. Milkshakes, apple juice, ginger ale, smoothies, Gatorade, and other beverages, for example, are all appropriate. Of course, water is fine as well, and it’s probably the healthiest option. Please do not hesitate to contact our knowledgeable dental experts if you have any additional questions or would want to have your wisdom teeth removed. We are here to assist you in every manner possible.

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