Aggressive drivers__________two to four times more people than alcohol-impaired drivers.


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  1. snipped
  2. irritate
  3. harmed
  4. come into contact with

ANSWER: 4 ANSWER: 4 ANSWER: 4. harmed

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  • The law of zero tolerance entails the following:
  • One drink equals__________ in the eyes of law enforcement.
  • What can you do to decrease your chances of being involved in an aggressive driving incident?
  • A driver who feels justified in dominating others and participates in crash-causing behavior is a/an ___________.


Aggressive drivers are more harmful than drunk drivers, which is true because acts are committed without hesitation.

They scream at individuals even when they know it’s their faults, and they’ve been observed abusing other drivers as well.

These actions cause a slew of issues during a trip, all owing to the lack of a defensive driving style, which, in the end, affects people.

We can deduce from this that aggressive driversharmed Alcohol-impaired drivers kill two to four times as many people.

Unfortunately, many people have been killed as a result of aggressiveness or insanity on the part of drivers.

Consider how you feelIt’s completely free to Make a note of it following is an illustration**>>>**

Aggressive drivers__________two to four times the number of people than drunk drivers.

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